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The challenge of securing data
Balancing the need for communication with the ability to manage and control sensitive information in and out of your organisation can be challenging – allowing unprotected data to flow freely outside your secure networks without the right levels of control can pose a significant risk to you and your business. If sensitive information is accidentally sent to or intercepted by unauthorised parties, financial loss and damaged business reputation could ensue. As incidents of data breaches rise, encryption services that are user-friendly, integrate with existing applications and allow recipients to access information securely become vital to organisations. To assist you with protecting your and your customers’ sensitive information, DPX has launched a new data encryption service – Secure Digital Exchange (SDX), powered by Egress Technologies – the world leader in encryption platforms. Our data encryption services are designed for flexibility, scalability and seamless integration, offering a simple, effective and a highly secure way to protect digital information both within and outside your organisation and provides greater security, control and visibility over your data. The suite of SDX services include; Secure Email – a combination of policy-based gateway and desktop email encryption software designed to secure and control information. Secure Workspace – offering secure file sharing, online document editing and PDF annotation, Secure Workspace can be accessed at the desktop or in Microsoft Office to easily store and retrieve sensitive data. Save email attachments straight to a zone or open sensitive documents directly in Office from secure cloud storage that is based where you want. Secure Managed File Transfer – simplifies the process of exchanging large volumes of data, providing unrivalled integration, automation, and security for file and folder transfer Secure Web Forms – customers, partners and other third parties can securely submit confidential information and large files from any computer or mobile device, no sign up required Secure Digital Mailroom – digitisation of physical white mail which can be securely viewed and retrieved from any internet-enabled device, enabling receivers to access mail from any location.
4 Sep, 2018

Port Situation in Tianjin, China
DPX WORLDWIDE Express is conducting normal daily operations in Tianjin, China except in impacted areas restricted by Chinese government officials. Please continue to check DPX WORLDWIDE Service Alerts for updates. Shipping to affected areas? To help avoid delays, we encourage you to contact your recipients to verify whether their location is open or able to receive deliveries before and after the port situation. In the event of evacuations, shipments not delivered before the port situation occurred will be secured in one of our facilities. Delivery will be attempted when it is safe to do so. Continue to check DPX for service updates. For specific shipment status information, please track your shipment at DPX You can also contact DPX WORLDWIDE Customer Service or stay up to date by subscribing to DPX WORLDWIDE Service Alert email notifications at the DPX WORLDWIDE Email Subscription Center. Consistent with the provisions of the DPX WORLDWIDE Service Guide, shipments delayed due to the port situation are not eligible for a refund or credit under the money-back guarantee policy.
5 Sep, 2018

DPX Worldwide Launches Technology
DPX Worldwide Launches Technology Company and Platform to Match Merchant Needs with Flexible Fulfillment
7 Sep, 2018

Excellence. Simply delivered.
International express deliveries; global freight forwarding by air, sea, road and rail; warehousing solutions from packaging, to repairs, to storage; mail deliveries worldwide; and other customized logistic services – with everything DPX does, we help connect people and improve their lives.
10 Sep, 2018

Easy shipping
We make shipping with DPX easy for you. Whether you are new to DPX or a returning customer, these key steps to shipping help get your shipments moving to their destination. Ship Online NowExternal Link / New Window Get Online Customer Login
1 Oct, 2018

Employees Safety.
Supporting our core operations will be group functions acting as a centre of excellence, delivering operational support and customer service. Two new functions include: Group Operation Services A new business providing services common across the three operational areas, which includes linehaul, fleet management and procurement. Group Sales and Marketing Delivering the best in sales, brand and marketing, and customer service across the three operational areas. Supporting a ‘One DPX’ approach, the many individual businesses that made up DPX are being aligned to our core areas, removing duplication and delivering seamless services to customers; offering a single point of contact for all their needs and the full suite of DPX solutions in a simple, integrated way. Our organisation model and the many other initiatives already underway as part of our Transformation have put us in a strong position to deliver a sustainable future for DPX; for our customers and for our employees.
15 Nov, 2018

With the huge potential growth of E-Commerce in Asia, DPX Worldwide is positioned and poised to be the leading total solutions provider in the region. DPX Worldwide is an established Express and E-Commerce service provider in Asia. With a history dating over 30 years and a comprehensive network spanning the region, we have extensive local knowledge to serve into and throughout Asia. We are best known by our company motto “Knowing Asia Delivering Asia”. From Asia to the world, we serve through our global partners in all the other regions. A choice partner for distribution from the first to the last mile.
17 Nov, 2018

To constantly anticipate, innovate, interact & respond to customer needs and surpass expectations.
2 Dec, 2018

1 Jan, 2019

 Off Peak

For non-urgent delivery choose our Off Peak service for a cost effective solution.

When you need a reliable but cost effective delivery service, choose our Off Peak service and your items will be delivered within two or more business days.

With this service you can also access our online benefits such as simple and convenient online booking and tracking.

Delivering across the globe, our Off Peak service caters for:

  • Parcels
  • Documents
  • Satchels

I have an Off Peak delivery - how do I book a courier?

You can access our Off Peak services by becoming an account holder or you can use our service on an ad hoc basis. Contact us to book a pick up at least two hours before the end of the business day and we will arrange for a courier to come and collect your consignment - it’s as simple as that.

Where import and export duties have to be considered, we can take care of the requirements. Simply call us - we will set you up with an account and guide you through sending your first consignment.

My consignment has special requirements

Fragile freight and dangerous goods are some of the consignment types we have the capability to handle. Call us to discuss your requirements and we will tailor a delivery service to match.

Our Delivery Capability

Our fleet options and network reach enables us to meet delivery requirements in a host of locations across the globe.

Talk to us, discuss your needs, and we’ll recommend an Off Peak solution to match. Alternatively view your area location page to see the scope of parcel and courier services offered in your area.


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